Meniscus Repair

The Meniscus is a thin cartilage on the surface of joints, which serves as a cushion.  Meniscal tears often occur in the knee  when it is rotated or twisted beyond its natural range of motion.  Individuals with a torn meniscus may experience:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation, or
  • Swelling

Treatment of a Meniscal Tear will depend on which meniscus is torn, the direction of the tear, the severity of the damage, and the age, health and activity level of the patient.  Many times meniscal damage can be treated with proper rest and physical therapy under the guidance of a healthcare professional.  However, certain tears will require surgical repair.  Fortunately, this type of knee injury can be done arthroscopically, which results in faster recovery times and minimizes scarring.

Patients can expect to keep the knee immobile and non-weight bearing for 2-4 weeks.  For optimal recovery, patients should follow the recovery plan and exercises as directed by their doctor.